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About services

Service location: 

We will provide the service at your home.

Service time:

○ 3 hours to 5 hours at a time. (Please contact us for the less-than-3-hours service)

​○ From 9am to 12noon, and from 1pm to 6pm in weekdays.

〇Once a month, we offer 2 hours course from 5pm or later.  You can get the date information from Kirari's official LINE account. At the account, Please send a message in English.

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Service fee:

3000 yen per hour (excluding tax)​ + Round-trip transportation fee (actual cost from the station in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture) will be charged.


If you wanted to go home to deliver babies but you cannot because of COVID19, and your baby is younger than 6 month's old and you are citizen of Nishinomiya city, there is a possibility to get subsidy of 40,000yen per month. Contact Us for the detail in English.

* If it takes more than 1 hour by public transportation from JR Sakura Shukugawa Station, Hankyu Shukugawa Station, or Hanshin Nishinomiya Station, a long-distance allowance of 1000 yen(excluding tax) will be charged each time.

Service contents:

You can combine the following contents each time.

We will use household items (cooking ingredients, cleaning tools, childcare goods, etc.).

Basically, we ask one of the guardians to stay at home with babies or kids.

  • Making meals for the family (you can either specify the menu or leave it to us)

  • Clean up
    * If you let us only to cook, in 3 hours, we can cook for 7 days dinner, which is one main dish and one side dish.

  • * If you leave it to us, please prepare the materials by referring to the following.

Things necessary

  • Vegetables, meat, fish, eggs

  • Soy sauce, sake, mirin, miso, vinegar, salt, pepper,
    Sugar, mayonnaise, ketchup

  • Something that can get soup stock (kelp, dried bonito, etc)
    Dashi stock.

  • Consomme, Chinese soup base, oyster sauce

  • Wheat flour, potato starch

  • Garlic, ginger (tube acceptable)

Things recommended

  • deep-fried tofu, konjac

  • Sesame, hijiki, boiled soybeans, dried daikon radish

  • Ham, canned tuna, canned tomato, macaroni

  • Ponzu, salted jiuqu, Worcestershire sauce, bread crumbs

  • Ablution

  • Breastfeeding (making milk, breastfeeding from a baby bottle)

  • Make baby food

  • Change diapers

  • Change clothes

  • hold a baby in arms

  • Wash (use a washing machine, partial hand wash)

  • Laundry drying

  • Laundry folding

  • Laundry storage

  • Vacuum and wiping the floor

  • Cleaning the bathtub

  • Toilet cleaning

  • Entrance cleaning​ , Veranda cleaning

  • Cleaning kitchen stoves, sinks, etc.

  • play, Picture book storytelling

  • Cooking and helping together
    (According to the person's interests and age)

  • play, Picture book storytelling

  • Cooking and helping together
    (According to the person's interests and age)



Futon drying

Bringing in and picking up at a laundry

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