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Kirari Co., Ltd

Established in Feb, 2022

Based in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture

~ Philosophy ~

  • We aim for a state in which moms are positive about their new life stages and feel like enjoying their child-rearing.

  • Help both moms and dads to have considerate for each other so that the home be happy place for both couple and their children .

  • We believe that raising children should be done not only by moms, but also by couples and society as a whole.



Naoko Motooka

○ Prenatal and postnatal supporters (certified by the Prenatal and Postnatal Support Association)

○ Mother of 2 children

○ Hobbies:  Cooking, reading, chatting

○ Worked for a manufacturer for about 17 years and engaged in various improvements and education.

○ After spending a so-hard postpartum experience, experience the difficulty and fulfillment of balancing childcare + housework + work.

○ Easy to believe in various things, and honest.

○ With the words that convinced my son, started a business in February 2022 in the prenatal and postnatal support business and continue to today.

​​ Hello. My name is Naoko Motooka of Kirari Co., Ltd.

It's been a long time since I gave birth to my first child, but I can't forget that feeling of loneliness and the pain of not being able to sleep.

My husband was busy with work and I was the only one who took care of my baby. My son and I stayed home until spring, because people advised us not to take them outside during the winter.

I can't talk to anyone.

My son kept crying.

I continually hold my son and my hands had tendonitis.

Every day I couldn't sleep for more than 2 hours.

I have to stand up and eat fast for not to make my son cry.

I was suffering from the postnatal depression.

If I had relied on the baby sitter as my husband suggested at that time.

If I had made a reservation for housework-help before giving birth to my son.

I could enjoyed my new stage of my life.

I could been able to smile more to my son.

I could have had more fun with my husband.

I don't want any husband and wife to hate each other because of tough postpartum situation.

A family with constant quarrel between husband and wife is hell for children.

A child sandwiched between a masked couple will spend a tough day caring for mom and dad.

Either way, the home is no longer a place of peace.

I hope all you can live happily with your loved partner.

May your children grow up happily surrounded by loving moms and dads, both physically and mentally.

With that prayer, we are pushing forward with the prenatal and postnatal support business.

It doesn't have to be our company.

Please spend a happy child-rearing period by relying on various people and places.

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